Birds on a Wire

Sometimes even Superbaby needs a rest…some place where he’d “blend” in…

Penguin: “Who invited the dodo bird?”
Kiwi: “What’s a dodo bird?

Penguin: “You are……, that dodo in the middle…”
Kiwi: “Oh yea, that bird in the middle…what’s he trying to do with his arms anyways?!?”
Penguin: “I think he’s trying to flap his wings or something…beats me!”

Kiwi: “Wait a sec…I thought dodos are extinct!”
Penguin: “Yeah, well I thought you were too!”
Kiwi: “uh….almost….d’oh!”
Penguin: “Haha, more like D’oh x 2!”

Penguin: “By the way Kiwi, how exactly did you make it onto this wire??!?!?!?”
Kiwi: “I’d like to ask YOU the same thing Mr Penguin, if that IS your real name…”

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