Flying Totem Pole

Big Bubba convinced the others that his low center of gravity was ideal for being on top of the flying tower.  Unfortunately his stubby lil’ flipper-arms had a difficult time maneuvering the toothbrush.

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5 responses to “Flying Totem Pole

  • D.R. Gilbert

    Comment from the penguin standing directly on Super Baby’s head: “You are doing a good job of holding us up, Super Baby, but we need to think of a different approach- especially considering Big Bubba is on top. I have a feeling that our current configuration is bad feng shui and is destined to end in dental demise! Have you ever seen a giraffe with a toothbrush in it’s nose? I didn’t think so. They are generally gentle creatures but they get real mean when their hygiene is hindered. I think I am going to make like a tree and leaf!

  • Dacia

    You are so creative! How do you come up with all of these amazing poses/set-ups?

    • Kea Photography

      Reading an excessive amt of Calvin & Hobbes growing up has definitely been an inspiration. The adventurescapes kind of mix themes of things we enjoy: wildlife, surfing, motocross, penguins, the outdoors, and the new wee guy of course : ) The great thing is that flying babies can get away with all sorts of mischief that us adults no longer can/should, which kinda comes out in these adventurescapes, like where he punches the Eiffel Tower down.

  • D.R. Gilbert

    Big Bubba to the other penguins: “Hey fellas, have you ever been doing something like helping somebody brush their teeth and then all of the sudden had the feeling like you are either going to fall down or pass some gas? Not that I feel that way right now but did any of you bring your parachutes or gas masks?

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