What’s that?!?!?! Did someone call SUPERBABY?

Da ta TAAA….it’s SUPERBABY…defender of flightless birds…defender of milk trucks the world over…


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4 responses to “What’s that?!?!?! Did someone call SUPERBABY?

  • The Blonde Nomad

    I love it!! You can bet I will follow SB and SB’s blog!! Thank you for the smiles!

  • gavinmolitor

    Awesome. Superbaby is my new favorite superhero. He may have a super friend in Wonderbaby – destined to arrive sometime around September 20th. She is already raising her fists in fury against her captor, and my wife swears she felt the flutter of Wonderbaby’s butterfly-kisses-of-death just the other afternoon as we sat down to a game of Scrabble

    • Kea Photography

      congrats on Wonderbaby!! enjoy the months leading up to the big day, when Wonderbaby breaks free from the ‘Fortress of Momitude’!

      so who won at scrabble by the way? We’ve been playing speed scrabble recently…don’t need the board, just the letter tiles. 2-7 players-ish ok. Start with 5 facedown tiles/person. All leftover tiles are facedown in the center of table. Start the game by saying “Go!”, and flip over your facedown tiles and spell words in same up/down left/right format but on your own corner of the table. (Essentially each person is building their own scrabble board.) First person to finish using all their tiles yells “Go!”, and everyone has to grab 2 new tiles. Again, first person to finish using all their tiles yells “Go!”, and 2 new tiles. Fun, and it gets pretty frantic and fast! Try it out!

  • Courtney

    This is fantastic! (I really love the elephant picture, but I think this one is my favorite.)

    p.s. speed scrabble rocks

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